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Hey There Business Owner!

I'm Amber Gordon, your new business partner and next Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  My goal is to empower you to make smarter decisions and expand your business even further. Let me help you take your financial operations to the next level. 

Gordon Financial Services is a new Line of Service within D.W. Gordon Tax and Financial Services. Our branch focuses primarily on business financial services and business owners. As a professional accounting firm, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional services to a broad range of clients. From smaller to larger-scale business operations, we're here to help manage your finances with precision and accuracy. Our portfolio covers a wide array of accounting functions, such as bookkeeping, tax management, financial statements, and cash flow analysis. We assure you that your financial records are being tracked accurately and efficiently. 

Gordon Financial Services will take care of all your business accounting needs to save you time and mental bandwidth, so you can concentrate on growing. You'll have someone helping you maximize your profits and establish a healthy cash flow!

We want to empower you to make smarter decisions and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

More about Amber

As your professional accountant, I will provide you with peace of mind ensuring that your finances are up to industry standards by staying up-to-date on  compliance regulations and tax codes.  

Throughout the years I've experienced successes and failures in starting and growing a business. I've learned that a significant part of successfully developing and managing a business, long-term, is making sure that your finances are on point! As your partner, I'll enjoy taking care of your accounting needs and removing some things from your plate.

I understand that managing a business can be complex and challenging, and I offer my expertise with any decision-making process that may arise in the course of business operations. My financial advising skills are also an added bonus.

When it comes to your financial matters, accuracy is paramount. So if you're looking for an experienced professional to handle your financial needs, I'm your person! You can rest assured that I'll perform the best services available to help you reach your desired financial goals.

Now let's grow your business and I look forward to being a part of your success story!

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Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business reach its peak potential.





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