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can i write that off?

Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or self-employed – learning to maximize your deductions can save you a lot in taxes.
When it comes to tax deductions for business owners, the BEST way to ensure that an expense can be written off as a tax deduction is to ask your tax accountant who is familiar with your unique business!

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Tax Write-Offs for Business Owners

You handle your business.
We'll handle your finances!


We offer a range of services that'll help support day-to-day business operations, reconciliations, tax planning and so much more. 

Gordon Financial Services is an entity of D.W. Gordon Tax and Financial Services and specializes in managing the financial success of businesses and business owners. We will help take your financial operations to the next level by providing customized solutions that align financial objectives with your overall business goals.  Our team of finance experts will provide you with personalized advice, guidance, and support to make sure that you always have an accurate view of your financial data. We assist with solving complex financial problems and maintaining a profitable bottom line.

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