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Hello Business Owner!

My name is Amber Gordon, your new business partner that handles all of your accounting needs!
Throughout the years I've experience successes and failures in  starting and growing a business. From my experiences, I've learned that a significant part of successfully developing and managing a business long-term is making sure your finances are on point! 
As your partner, I enjoy taking care of your accounting needs and remove one more thing from your plate. Now let's grow your business and I looking forward to being a part of your success story!

Bookkeeping and Payroll Service

D.W. Gordon Tax and Financial Services will take care of all your business accounting needs to save you time and mental bandwidth, so you can concentrate on growing. You'll have someone helping you maximize your profits and create healthy cash flow!

Plus, we can also track your expenses and deductions to ensure you save the maximum amount of money when you file your taxes.

With our all-in-one tax filing, bookkeeping, and business financing services, you can save time to run your business the right way.

 Let's connect.


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